When you are down
and all alone,
close to the edge,
in mountains, higher than you could imagine
and death is near,
then suddenly,
in the rocks aside that seemed so tight
there is a gap, a gate to ways
your mind never came to think before,
leading you through a narrow passage,
way, where no way seemed to be.
That path can be: a friendly hand,
a word, a friend had spoken.
And then you rise,
gather your strength,
exhausted as you are,
and round the bend,
your view is free
to give you sight
of meadows, green as in a dream
beyond imagination.
And new-gained forces
flood in your heart,
when you step down
to flowing rivers
amidst the valley´s ground.

If you are down,
find your own way
to Shangri-La,
it just may be
around the corner
at your café.


Come on
and get it to the groove,
speeding it up
and round and round.

Come on
and keep the fire burning,
set seed to it,
get down to earth.

Klaus Gölker   ©2000

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